Seventy Eight Paws

Dear Kimmy,

HI KIMMMMMYYYYYYY! I love to say your name because it is my own special version of saying your name. Momma and dada think it’s similar to how dolphins talk, but I don’t know what all that means. I just know that you know when I call you, that’s all that matters buddy! 

You had a very upset tummy and now you’re not wanting to eat your doggy food. But I’ve been helping you every morning and evening. I like to give you bits of food on my hands, or put your kibbles on the floor. I think having my baby smell on it helps you like it better. Sometimes I sit on mama’s lap and we feed you that way too. It’s fun! It’s like, “Doggy game with food!”

Take this morning for instance, momma and I sat on the floor and read, “Llama llama,” books and you ate some food from our hands, the “cookie” container and then off the floor. Momma said, “It’s better to eat something, then nothing.” I liked that we got to be with you and read stories altogether while you had your breakfast. It’s kind of like when we have breakfast and lunch for me! Although, there weren’t any bananas in your breakfast. I wonder why? I’ll ask momma later about that. I love you Kimmy-Kim, I mean, “Aaaaaaaaaa-yyyyiiiii-aaaaa!”

xo, Leo

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“Did you say play?!”

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