Three Hundred and Seventy Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Guess what? The sun is shining again! We went on a romp-tastic family walk in it. I was so proud to be out in the sun shine with both of you, that I did what mama calls a little bit of a, “Strut,” in my walk. It’s a bit of a hop, skip, and tail wag from side to side. I have perfected it a bit each year. I started this special walk when you were born LDB. I found myself walking so proudly with my new pup that I couldn’t help but walk super gallantly.

One time in my young life I saw, lipizzaner stallions, those are horses, and they walked so majestically that I couldn’t help myself, I may have adopted some of their magnificent traits. I did indeed. So, if you ever see a Kimmy dog walking proudly, down the road, you know it is I, Kimmy the brave and gallant of them all aka, your best friend.



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Big mid-week yawns.

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