Three Hundred and Seventy Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

Sleepy baby bears. Goodness it’s one of those days when time just flies by. We had some fun in the bits of sunshine of the morning LDB. You were quite busy with the little blue car, the big yellow and red car, and all of your, “out front of the house toys,” and games with mama. I held down the fort with IRB while he napped. Tiny baby bear woke super duper early and then fell back asleep. I woke up, of course being the nurse dog that I am, and so then mama and daddy got up and my day of work began.

Right now I am curled up backwards on your couch spot LDB, nuzzling into your pillow case. Mama is typing for me and munching on those dark chocolate chips. You like those chips a lot. I hear about them every time y’all do the baking business. I’m not allowed to eat the chips though because I guess doggies aren’t supposed to eat chocolate.

Why is that? I mean, I heard that it grows on a plant so, I eat plants sometimes, what could be the harm in tasting them? I trust mama and daddy though, so if you drop some, I don’t eat them. I just point them out with my nose. I’m really good at pointing to things with my nose, except of course, if it involves dropped baby or toddler food, then I gobble it right away! Nom, nom, nom, just like that! I’m kind of your Cookie Monster, from that street called, Sesame! Anyway, enough about random monster friends. I love you!



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Thoughtful doggy pose.

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