Three Hundred Seventy Five Paws

Dear Brothers,

Morning greetings my small humans. The rain, is back, sigh. It’s that liquid sunshine time of the year. It continues to rain, rain, rain, all day long. I feel myself getting sleepy just mentioning it to you in this letter. There are times when I just want to enjoy the outdoors and not be rained on but, alas, this is the kind of weather that permits cuddles, snuggles, and warm blankets. So, that is just what I’m doing: snuggling in the blankets and not worrying about the weather any more.

This morning we were all so busy with playing, napping, and then baking. I kept checking for any morsels, but I was not permitted any muffin. Did you know that there are recipes that are just for doggy treats? Perhaps we could make some of those for me sometime. Maybe even for my birthday! It’s coming up, mid spring is my time of the year lil’ ones!



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Baby me and my momma.

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