Three Hundred and Eighty Four Paws

Dear Little Ones,

Greetings, from my throne. Did you know that today was one of the most important days of the week? Well, it certainly was indeed. We rose before the sunshine, per usual with mama and daddy. The light was just peeking around the corner when I hopped off of my couch bed. I did some downward dog yoga and waited for mama to stop hopping around her orange mat.

Later, after all the morning shenanigans, we heard it! The garbage truck arrived!  You went out with your moose hat on LDB, you had your moccasin shoes on your feet and the mama helped to greet our truck driver. Our driver’s name is, Kevin. He is a friend that you look forward to seeing weekly. He always honks his horn for you two times and will drive up to be in line with our front door and share a friendly word or two.

You told him, “Hi Mr. Kevin!” this morning and waved a lot. I know all of this information because I watch carefully through the, “peek-a-boo,” window. Y’all might ask me to stay inside, but you can’t keep me from watching the action take place. I revel in a cause, and I revel in kindness that you bring to the world little ones. Keep it up.



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Me and my human mama.

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