Three Hundred and Seventy Three Paws

Dear Snoring Brothers,

Hello sweet ones. You’re both quite sleepy today. I’m thinking it’s because one of you has teeth coming into your gums, and for the other brother, well you had some post bedtime excitement and talked to yourself until you snoozed later in the evening. This is what I always say to you two, “When Kimmy says it’s sleep time, she means business.” I don’t know why humans have such a problem with, the sleep department. I love to sleep. I sleep anywhere and all the time… for example, I can sleep on a couch, I can sleep on a doorway, I can sleep on the grass, I can sleep on the towel, I can sleep on the concrete patio, I can sleep on the wood floor, I can sleep in the car, I can sleep anywhere I choose. How about you?



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Grass wrestling.

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