Three Hundred and Sixty Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello there fellow siblings of the furless variety. We meet in dream land. The best thing about our dreamland view is this: it’s always sunny in dreamland. Mama says that the perk of a warm climate is that it’s sunny, I agree. I wish it were warm and balmy every day. I fancy myself being a beach dog one day, somewhere on a tropical island, or even a southern region beach, just somewhere that is warm and cozy in the open air.

No offense is meant to this majestic region of the Pacific Northwest, but I have to say, it’s a bit dreary this time of the year. Perhaps mama will roll out the pink, purple, and reds soon for the holiday of love. I like the warm tones. We give hugs and kisses all year round here, but holidays can be fun too. Speaking of hugs and kisses. The sun just peaked out from behind a cloud. I think it’s proving to us that it too can shine without us asking it to do so. There it is, in all it’s glory beaming down upon our back yard, it’s enough to rise me from our slumber, buuuuut, perhaps not. I do love to dream, especially when you both meet me there. I love you brothers!



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Let’s stick to together, yeah, yeah, yeah!

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