Three Hundred and Sixty Four Paws

Dear Brothers,

Shalom! It seems to be that time again when all is seemingly quiet, you’re sleeping, I’m sleeping, we’re all sleeping, clearly. The house is quiet, and the only ones stirring are momma and daddy. Well, they’re busy typing away, so they could have fingers that make the pitter patter of mouse feet sounds now couldn’t they? Ha! I jest…

Now, let’s get to it! Did you enjoy the snow shine yesterday LDB? We had a fun time romping around in the slush for the little bit of time that it fell! I think you might have been thinking that it would fall in great big pillow feather like amounts, but alas, it was quite wet by the time it hit the ground making it the unfortunate accommodation of slush-snow. You seemed thrilled to run, play, and splash in muddy puddles. I ran around and around too and then I had my paws wiped before I could play in the house again. Your red car sure took a toll on the driveway of slush! You deemed the dirt hill a mountain and ran your car down the hill and driveway over and over again. The only reason I know this information is because I guarded you from the windows. I do have to give mama some credit though. She did a pretty nice job of keeping up with you and your adventures outside. I love watching you play. Maybe one day we’ll have sunny skies and more dry grass again. When that happens we can lay down in it together and get cozy, as you like to say.

I love you LDB and IRB. My snoozy bro’s.



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Tongue out Tuesday!

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