Three Hundred and Seventeen Paws

Dear Brother,

Did you know that today’s post is mama’s 319th installment of writing for me (we write a lot of extra letters and sometimes they line up with our blog and sometimes not…in case you were wondering)? Well, you might not be aware of that, and that’s ok! It’s just a little bit of information for you. However, what is important about the number 319 is two fold.

One, it represents two things in our little family. Mama and daddy were married on March 19th, which in numbers is represented by 3,1,9; and you tiny human, were born at 3:19 am! Isn’t that cool? It’s interesting, mama says, to stop and look at the significance that numbers can play in our lives.

We aren’t particularly sure when my exact birthday is, but mama guess it was around April 19th. So we will go with the number 19 for me too. I love that. We’re all connected in some way, and threaded in with a web of intricate strands of family love. Today I’m having a little snooze during your first nap. We all started our day at 6am, which is a good morning time mama says. I agree, it’s not as early as 5am, but not as late as I would like, being a dog who enjoys snoozing in, but that’s ok. That’s what naps are for, right?! I gotta go now. I think you might be waking up. I love you tiny IRB. 



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Icy paw prints.

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