Three Hundred and Eighteen Paws

Dear Tiniest Brother,

We had some snooze time and then bath time together today. Well, mama had a bath shower thing, and I babysat you. I gave you a really good tongue bath and stayed with you in the bouncy chair right by the shower. Mama sang songs for both of us that included some Raffi and Gershwin, who knew that it would be so much fun to accompany her into the bathroom? My job is to make sure that you are occupied and enjoying your steamy shower times. We looked at the fun flowery printed shower curtain, I drank lots of water, and poked my head in and out of the shower to check on mama and reassure you. You seemed quite content, kicking, talking, and watching me and then there was a slight rumble in your tummy and your bottom did some business. I told mama that something was going on and she didn’t realize until daddy smelt what you had dealt. Who knew that tiny creatures could have such stinky toots! I mean, I am one to talk, but that’s another topic altogether. Whoops, I think you’re talking, better go get you up little one. 



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Tiny baby back pets.

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