Three Hundred and Sixteen Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Hi there! I have a question for you today. Why is it that my number two’s outside must be picked up with the scoop and yours are wrap packaged into the diaper and put into the stinky bin in the garage? I’m not quite understanding why you need to pile mine into compostable bags and yours are placed into this other bin? Most of the time these days you are flushing yours LDB. You were very intent on waving goodbye to the business, but now, you just flush and go.

You’re growing up faster than we expected you to do. When did that happen? Mama wonders where the time goes. I told her it’s that happy and sad feeling mixed up together that makes us feel sentimental.  Whenever she and daddy look at pictures of me when  I was a tiny pup they feel the same way too. I grew up at rapid speed after my bout with the parvo and I’ve never looked back. I look forward and go-go-go, that’s just part of a dog’s purpose. If I were to look backwards I would miss out on what is ahead of me. Life’s just like that. You have to see where you’re going and even if you can’t see, forge ahead with gusto like you know where you are. Sooner or later, you’ll get to where you’re going. Although, I have heard that it’s the stops along the way that make the journey that much more interesting. 



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Cheesey smiles.

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