Three Hundred and Fifteen Paws

Dear Tiniest Pooh Bear,

Hi little one. How is your day going? Mine’s pretty good so far, as far as dog days are concerned. I loved that we went on a family walk before your later nap. That was ultimately, the best part of my day. I love to share the best part of my day during dinner time. I generally speak about our walks or play times outside. Every now and then I share about a nap time, but generally speaking, it’s the outdoors that sparks my joy.

On our walk today you were looking around but then you started to get tired and dada and mama kept talking, singing, and waking you up so you could have your full nap in your cozy bed. I jingled my collar a bunch, woofed at a neighbor dog, and pulled on the leash to help keep the noisiness flowing. That’s one thing you can count on with me, noise! I love to make noises outside. I don’t make too much noise in the house, but I do woof from time to time depending upon who venturers onto our property. I become rather concerned when someone is on our front porch, so I sound the alarm and send alerts with my back hair hackles. I’m a wonder dog at those alarms. You could even say that they are my specialty. I just love it.

Speaking of love, I love you little dude. You might have been wondering why I addressed this letter to you as Pooh bear, well it’s because you have a cute hat with Pooh’s face on it. It kept the heat in your body underneath your fuzzy brown bear hood. I hope you’re dreaming well. I set the stage for sweet dream-ies for you with my ear kisses before your sleep time. I love you to the moon and back.



Loving long gazes at her buddy.

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