Three Hundred and Eleven Paws

Dear World, 
What is going on? Why are humans wearing masks on their faces? I do not understand this business at all. I also don’t understand why some humans wear masks and others don’t? Shouldn’t there be some sort of consistency happening here? Hmmm. I should consult with mama about this. I asked you LDB and you couldn’t explain what was happening so I’m a bit unsure still. Perhaps IRB knows… but alas, he doesn’t speak my language or English for that matter.

So bizarre, so strange. What if dogs were in charge of this planet? Or cats for that matter? Things would be seemingly well adjusted. The cats would think that they rule, the dogs would let them believe this to be true, everyone would cover up their business outside by scraping dirt, rocks, and leaves on it, and food would be free; naps would be required, and cuddles wouldn’t be optional. What do you think of that? I think it sounds terrific. So much so that, perhaps I’ll just go dream about that right now. I’m going to act on it! Night night, or have a nice nap, whichever might apply to you. 



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Buried in pillows by the toddler.

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