Three Hundred and Ten Paws

Dear Tiniest Human IRB,

Hi dude. I love you. You’ve got the smallest human fingers I have seen since your brother was tiny. I don’t know how you grow them so small and sweet. Sometimes I walk up to you and give you kisses. Just know that if I do that, it’s because I am marking you as my human and that I am showing my doggy love.

Occasionally I get to your toes too, but those have been tucked away for the last few weeks as this rainy weather has set in. It’s hard to believe that our toes and paws haven’t touched warm grass in so long. It seems like we were just sinking our tootsies into the sand at the beach and now this, cold, rain, liquid sunshine days are back again. That reminds me of a song, “Happy days are here again,” I like that song. Sometimes mama sings that song with someone else’s voice in the background. Hmmm, I’m not quite sure who wrote it, but it always makes me wag my tail a bit. I’m pretty tired on this here couch. Gotta get my sleeps in. Don’t tell your brother that I’m laying in his spot. Not that there are, “technically,” spots in our house, but he sure thinks that there are. I love you lil’ one. 



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Dino and paws

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