Three Hundred and Twelve Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there pups. Did you know that sometimes we can just eat bananas? For example, we can just open the banana and take a big chomp and enjoy it, without any oatmeal? You did this today LDB and I enjoyed a bite after you had your treat on the plate. Mama gives me double sneaky bites sometimes by the trash can so that I can share in the tastiness and you can relax with your own snack. Sometimes we all just need a treat to carry us through the morning time.

Speaking of tastiness, I smelled something delicious this morning. You were making these things called, “Muffins,” with mama and I wasn’t super sure about what they were but you had a lot of fun pouring, stirring, banging, and mixing all of the things called ingredients. Mama put it into the oven and I sniffed and sniffed from my cozy blanket bed. IRB sang some loud songs and baby words from his space and then later, you ate the treat. But, alas, you did not offer any for me to eat. Why is that? I thought we shared the foods from time to time, especially if they are new! You were explaining all of the tastiness of baking to IRB, your finger puppets and to me too. I gotta go get my nap on lil’ dudes. Enough with the words. 

Love you both, 



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Couch cuddles running solo time.

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