Three Hundred and Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello small humanoids, ok, you’re actually called humans. I’m not sure where the robot speak came from there. It just slips out every now and then when I am trying to be funny. LDB, did you know that sometimes we play excavator vs. Kimmy?

I’m excellent at this game, especially when it is played outside on the patio. I leap with cheetah like bounds, and fly through the air like an eagle to romp away from the machine. Mama and dada are always supervising, which is fine, but I’m just waiting for the day when that excavator comes my way and I can lead it to the path of no return, aka, towards the fence. There are a lot of things that run to the fence and don’t return. Some of these things include, but are not limited to, “Squirrels, possums, rats, crows, tiny birds, and yellow jackets.

Do you know what is beyond the fence of our yard? Want to take a guess? Go ahead, come on, make it a good guess! A wetland, that’s right! Occasionally there are frogs that leap and bound up from the wet grassy bushes and trees, but they are seldom seen. I look for them in our strawberry patch though. That was the last place that the frogs made a sighting. You and I discovered a froggy friend last year, but we’ve not found one ever since. I’m thinking that they know tiny humans frolic and their doggy guard, me, aka the Kimmy is in charge. Boy, that was a lot of explaining and teaching in one letter entry. I need to go have a snooze. I love you, 



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Winter dog stares.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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