Three Hundred and Seven Paws

Dear LDB,

Hiya. How’s it going little friend? I’m sleeping, and you’re sleeping, and so is tiniest human babe, IRB. I’ve been looking forward to our sleep time together all morning. I’m waiting for you by the red slide, but I haven’t seen you yet. Did you lose your way with Cubba, the imaginary dog friend? Sometimes Cubba distracts you from meeting me and then you both just emerge and start chasing me. 

This morning you were informing Irving about your dreams. You told him, “Baby-I, you not in my dreams, only Kimmy and Cubba in my dreams, mama in your dreams Baby-I, uh-huh, yeah.” I’m not sure if you’re aware of this Leo, but you don’t actually know who is in Irving’s dreams. I mean, I could be in his dreams because he has the secret code to unlocking the dream pathway too.

Do you remember what I taught you about? Hmmm? Now, this is a true test to see if you were indeed, listening. I can recall when you listened to me and you said, “Ok Kimmy, you trust me, I know, I don’t tell the secret code.” I’m concerned that you may have forgotten, but I’ll ask you later when we’re all awake. But wait, upon second thought, I’m wondering now if that is the reason why you have not showed up for our dream play. Oh my goodness, how could you have forgotten our word? I’ll tell you what, when you meet Bella the dream gatekeeper cat, make sure to whisper: paws, she’ll know how to guide you from there. Here’s hoping that I see you soon! 



Baby and dog cuddles.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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