Three Hundred and Five Paws

Dear littlest brother,

Hi sweet baby. You have quite a big voice for such a small body. Has anyone ever told you that before? Both you and your brother have big amazing voices. We love hearing you talk, sing, and share your thinking. I do have a hard time though when you cry. I just want to lick your ears until you feel better again. I know that mama, dada, and brother feel the same way. Although, mama has explained that sometimes babies blow off their frustration and steam through crying a little bit. When I was a puppy I used to mumble and grumble a bit and then race around and around to get all those feelings out of my body. It is definitely challenging to be a small anything, baby, puppy, kitten, toddler human, you name it. 

Earlier today we romped around in the rain and liquid sunshine in our backyard. We had a nice time until I was finished with the rain. You did not seem too pleased to be without my presence, however I am a dog of many virtues but hanging out in the rain for too long is not one of them. You see, my paws absorb heat and wet and I am not fond of feeling all wet and cold in between my toes. Would you be fond of that feeling? You talk about your toes quite often LDB and I know that you don’t like it when you get fluff in the inside of your toes. You like to clean them out every now and then, and can even insist on doing so upon re-entry to the house after playing for a bit. So, now that all this toes business is taken care of, let’s be clear, we like to play: yes, we like our toes: yes, we don’t like cold toes: yes, so when our toes are cold: we go inside. Yes? Yes!



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Doggy fur and dino scales.

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