Three Hundred and Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

It was another early morning for all of us. This time IRB joined in the 5 am fun too. Sigh…I don’t mean to sound like such a grump-o but this early morning business is too much for my doggy schedule. My sleep is unmatched by the kerfuffle of running around and I need to know that I can let my sleep routine run smoothly until the sun has risen.

Alas, it is my duty to see our schedule through so I will regain my winks during the napping time. As of late, we have been reading about a place called, “The napping house.” Now, I must confess, this place sounds unmatched with what I have experienced at home. I would not mind being a dog in such a house. It sounds like quite a lovely location to be a part of, napping on the bed, with warm snuggles from a cat and the boy, I would quite enjoy this myself. Life is just so much better when we have our naps, don’t you agree boys?

You are both sleepy angels when I watch you snooze. I particularly enjoy when this transpires with mama on our bed. I like to soak up all the warm fuzzy energy that floats from your bodies. It’s my specialty, being a part of the napping zones of life. Speaking of napping, I have shifted my location to the other side of mama and daddy’s bed. It’s important that I fully rotate nap locations to make sure that things even out in the long run on the couch and bed. You’ll understand this when you’re my size little ones. On a related note, I feel myself drifting off to sleepy island now. I love you both. 



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