Three Hundred and One Paws

Dear Little Ones,

Kimmy here, reporting from the couch. This just in: I’m tired, the day is a gray one, and you are both full of it tiny humans. LDB you were trying to push your fingers into my nostrils!! Now, buddy, that’s not the way to get my full attention. I am sure that you can conceive just how uncomfortable that truly is, but however, you seem to be all for it, none the less.

Once mama saw what was going on, she put a stop to it with words and boundaries as she says, but, I just figured that you would eventually stop or I would hop over the top of you to get out of the way. Life can be that simple. You see, I may be a dog that, “puts up with,” your shenanigans, but I will eventually draw a line with my paw and move. I am a seemingly patient dog, but there are limits to what I can deal with.

So, with all of that being said, please make sure that we’re not sticking our fingers in anyone’s nose, or your own for that matter. Oh, and please share your bananas from now on! I’m putting a plug in for that because my banana offers have been neglected lately…hint hint, paw, paw, MOM?!



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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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