Three Hundred and Three Paws

Dear Brothers,

Greetings from the fuzzy red blanket on the couch aka downstairs bed for Kimmy while you both sleep. LDB, you have some pretty funny ideas about whose spots are whose in our home. Did you know that technically they were all my spots before you were born? That’s right! You heard me correctly, all of the spots were Kimmy doggy’s and I enjoyed them immensely.

I remember the first time I slept on this couch bed. I nuzzled into a sleeping spot with momma while I breathed and coughed heavily as a small puppy. Mama was so worried about me that she stayed up all night with me, holding me close and dozing softly while I snoozed and woke. I struggled to stay alive the first two weeks that mama and dada brought me home.

As you know, I had the puppy parvo, but I survived and then I had to work through kennel cough and a lung infection. However, all of those things taught me one important and valuable concept: perseverance. Do you know what that word means? Perseverance means to continue in doing something even when difficulty or set backs occur.  I’m here today to tell the tail, oops spelling always trips me up, I meant to write tale, and I conquered our fears. I love you tiny humans. Trek on with perseverance and integrity. 



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Big sister dog cuddles.

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