Three Hundred Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Today started out early, per usual since the start of, “Save the sunlight,” began. I don’t quite understand why human beings think that they can save sunlight. The sun is this giant entity in the sky. Don’t they know that they can’t control everything? I know that human beings are not quite as in touch with things as us dogs and small beings. We have such freer emotions and feelings. Sometimes your feelings fling all over the place brothers. I admire that about you both. My feelings fly all over the place at times, and that’s when I paw at a chewy toy or romp around in the grass to release them. I feel a lot of small things too, just like you both do every day. Today I had some squeeze hugs and cuddles on the couch with you LDB, thank you for that. Your touches bring love, joy and fill up my doggy bucket. I gotta go get my nap on. It’s a rainy day afternoon and those rain drops make me sleepy. If I feel sleepy, then I must sleep. Listen to your bodies and your hearts brothers! 



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Doggy nose and small baby hands.

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