Two Hundred and Ninety Five Paws

Dear Buddies,

Howdy. Kimmy here, ready and reporting for duty!  I guard both of you more than is probably necessary, but I adore being close to you brothers. One of my favorite spots to rest near you both is underneath the table. I also like to lie underneath mama’s feet and legs. It’s necessary to remain close by because there might be crumbs dropped, sneezes to be rendered, and kisses to be had. I love to be ready and able to attend to the needs at hand.

Occasionally you’ll send some crumbs my way Leo, generally it’s in the later part of the day if you receive foods that you’re not fond of. Although, I have to remind you that I am not fond of the green foods that you’re eating more and more of lately. You seem particularly interested in eating broccoli, but I would prefer if you would pass over some of your fake meat or bread-bread crumbs instead. I have a funny memory that just came to mind, regarding my underneath the table status. One time you had some feelings about your food and your plate flopped over onto the floor when mama tried to help you.

Slips and slides happen, that’s what mama and daddy said. I army crawled over to help clean up the remnants of food. I wasn’t able to eat as much as I anticipated because we had to put your plate back together, but it was delicious all the same. Speaking of all this food is reminding me that it’s my first dinner time! I gotta run, and remind you to feed me buddy. 



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Side leaning hugs.

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