Two Hundred and Ninety Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Greetings from the couch bed. I rest easy downstairs and I want you to know that, sometimes I check on you both from dream land. LDB, you’re really solid in your route to our dreams, but IRB you’ve been going rouge on me lately. Now, listen closely IRB, when I send you the dream route when you’re doing your last nursing with the mama, you’re supposed to take that route and come visit me. Okey dokey? We, meaning your big bro and I always take the same path through the fairy land and down around the spruce tree to our dreamscape.

Here’s the thing about joining us in dream land, we can do anything and be anything in our dreams, together. It might sound kind of cheesy to some people, but we love to race, romp, and be wildly free when we’re in dreamland. Sometimes a friend of big bro’s joins us. This friend’s name is Cubba. I’m not really sure where Cubba came from, but I do know one thing, he is a dog, and he is friendly. Although this Cubba and big bro chase me, I love to be chased in dream land and guess what? I always win, because, “I AM KIMMY THE FASTEST DOG!” I can do and be anything I have dreamed about in our dreams. It always makes me so happy whenever we run, run, run, and then plop down in the clover patches around fairy land. When we lay down and look up to the sky I watch for the clouds to pass us by. Sometimes I count the cats in the clouds with you, and some of them look like Bella.  



© 2019-2021 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Walks in the rain.

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