Two Hundred and Ninety Four Paws

Dear Buddy,

Do you like to take deep breaths? I know that mama taught you to take really deep ones and let the breath release all the way out. I try to do that sometimes too. Mostly I yawn out my stress and feelings. The yawns help release my worries and woes away. We listened to the song, “It’s alright to cry,” again today. You and your brother seem to enjoy listening to that song whenever Baby I is having a particularly challenging time. If we don’t listen to that song, then mama sings to him and you. Daddy sings to you both as well, honestly, everyone is singing most of the time, myself included.

However, I’m not sure that my lyrics come through clearly. I’m not merely singing, “Roorooo rooo, roooo,” I’m actually joining in on the song and adding in my own relevant dog lyrics. Take for instance this afternoon when Baby I was upset after his nap, I was adding in with my yawn sighs, “It’s alright to cry, yes baby I, even you can wail it out too, sometimes doggies cry, I know it makes it better!” Alright, well maybe I didn’t sing all of those words clearly, but I did my best to make them come out. I’m waiting patiently downstairs for us to have the dinner ritual and then a walk. We’ve played outside together a few times today, but nothing is quite like a walk around the neighborhood. A dog’s got to stretch her legs! 



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Throwback picture to me and my buddy baby boy.

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