Two Hundred and Eighty Nine Paws

Dear Brothers,

Howdy tiny tikes! Y’all, the rain has returned! I know you were quite overjoyed about this LDB, I however, was not. Ok, now let me make something clear, again, I love being outside in general, but I do not love going potty in the rain. When it is pouring, the wind is blowing, and my ears are flapping, I don’t feel my best brothers, I don’t! There is nothing quite so miserable as doing one’s business in drudgery like that. I enjoy watching the rain, yes. I would even go so far as to say, I enjoy watching you play in the rain and splash in puddles LDB, but I do not enjoy always doing the doggy business in the rain.

Hurumph. Mama thinks we should all dress up as a Winnie The Pooh family for the Halloween day. I think I would definitely fare well with the character Eeyore. He’s quite a sad sack, and sometimes, alas, that’s how the weather makes me feel. “Oh ho hum, bother, it’s rainy!” Sigh. To try and perk myself up, let’s talk about something delightful for a change…

THE PEANUT BUTTER has been quite fluffy and delicious the last few days. I think dada whipped it with this hand mixer contraption. I LOVE it, and quite frankly, so do you LDB. You said that your favorite foods were peanut butter and banana. I know that’s why we’re bff’s because those are my two favorite foods too! They’re sweet, and sticky, and delectable. We should go dream about them! No, better yet, let’s go bug mama for some now! Although, I do recall receiving both of those things this morning, hmmm, maybe if we beg and drool she’ll give us some? What do you think? 



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“Oh, hey there momma, I’m waiting for baby food to drop!”

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