Two Hundred and Eighty Two Paws

Dear Brothers,

We all have had a very sleepy start to our morning. In fact, I’m still on my couch blanket bed. I was so tired after both of your doctor appointments and our evening walk that I had to lay down and not move for eight hours. It’s a good thing that I have a bed that offers me warmth, coziness, and protection. I would prefer to sleep with both of you, but I fear that I may in fact smoosh you unintentionally, however we cuddle on mama and dada’s bed during the day, so there’s that.

Sometimes my tail has a mind of it’s own and will take over fully, and move from side to side so vigorously that it might fly off. It never does though, my tail is a faithful friend that follows me around. Occasionally you try to grab it LDB, and we both know that that does not end well, for you, not for me. I will just turn around and slobber your ears and face until you let go, or I will drag you down the hall. One option or the other works just fine for me. I think you’re moving around a lot tiny human. Mama might go get you soon, so I have to get ready for the milking. I have a big job to do each day. I send happy milky vibes to you both, and I absorb all the worry feelings that are emitted in a room so, as you can tell, I have to get ready for my job today. But, maybe I can squeeze one last snooze in before you hop down the stairs LDB. 



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Hanukkah buddies and cuddles.

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