Two Hundred and Ninety Paws

Dear Buddies,

Sometimes the big adult humans make a LOT of noise. I gotta tell you, if they would just let the three of us snooze in their bed, we’d be set. I mean, it’s cozy, it’s large, and the three of us would snooze so well together. Also, then they would not wake us up with their sneezes, shuffling about, and noise making. I don’t mean to sound like a grouch, but seriously, they’re always waking me up when they rise before the sunshine does. It’s the strangest thing, I tell you.

I am not nocturnal creature, and neither should they be, but some of their habits sure seem nocturnal to me. Why do they rise so early, and then my couch bed and blanket kingdom are disturbed too early in the morning. So, in protest I lie on my couch bed, breathe deeply and provide an adequate amount of sighs to portray my distain. When mama or daddy come over and give me pets, kind words, and kisses, I can’t help but forgive them for their faults as early risers. I love the extra pets and words. So, wait, I guess I just disproved what I was describing all along….I actually enjoy the fact that they rise early-ish. I like the attention, just not the timing of it. Love you both,



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Tasty baby fingers!

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