Two Hundred and Seventy Seven Paws

Dear Brother,

We were out back earlier today and you were telling your sand toys to,”Grow, grow, grow, shovels!” Can you explain that to me? I didn’t realize that you could grow shovels in the sand! I think that you must possess some kind of power I was unaware of LDB. Can you grow doggy toys too? What about dog treats? Bones? Hmmm. I’m very curious about this new found ability. I wonder if this is an acquired ability or a natural trait that you hold.

On a completely unrelated note, there is something coming up at the end of this month that is rather odd. This time of year always brings out the most peculiar objects onto human beings porches. I didn’t realize that giant orange gourds were so special. We have some smaller squashes growing in our garden bed, and have had them there for quite some time. I remember when you planted the seeds in the ground with mama, dada, and I. I supervised and tasted the water, you planted seeds in rows, and dada covered them up with dirt. Every day we would go outside and visit the plants and say, “Grow, grow, grow plants!” Is that how you gained the ability to make things grow? I should check in with mama about this because I am super enthralled. I spun my side note topic all the way around 360 degrees and I am now back to the sand box shovel growing topic once again. Who knew it would be so fascinating?! Alas, I have to go and get my nap on. Love you buddy!



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Reaching out for his buddy Kimmy!

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