Two Hundred and Seventy Eight Paws

Dear Daddy,

Hi, it’s Kimmy dog. I’ve been getting used to this new schedule for our family. Although, I have a few questions. Why is it that you no longer leave each morning and come home smelling of feet, paper, and piano keys? Don’t get me wrong, I love having the whole pack together every day. I am just a little bit confused as to why things changed so abruptly. Mama explained to Leo and I what the germs are that are floating around. I understand that you cover your nose and mouth up, but I still think it’s strange.

Perhaps if humans grew more dog hair, that could be a solution to the problem? What do you think dada? Hmm.  Most mornings feel the same to me, it’s just that mama and I are in charge of the tiny brothers until after nap time, and then there’s a few more hours and you come back to play. I like when you’re not tap, tapping, on your keyboard, and you just pet, pet my ears. I wasn’t super interested in spending time with you in your tiny library office room. I like that room for one specific purpose: Leo book shops and I window shop for squirrels while he grabs books. The window shows us who is outside and what is happening in the front yard. I like that. Also, I must be with our boys, as you know, so I can’t help you do the tap, tap, tapping on the keyboard because I need to be with our boys. I gotta go now, tiny one is crying. 



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Gentle baby hands.

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