Two Hundred and Seventy Four Paws

Dear Tiniest Brother,

Hello small one! Did you know that your mama protects you no matter what? We were on a walk with the mama the other day. You were nestled into the front pack taking a snooze on mama when something jumped up from the road and caused mama to trip. I didn’t even see it happen. I think that the balance ability for mama was off kilter, as she says, and I was definitely excited. Admittedly I pull mama in my direction often while we walk together. One moment she was walking, and the next she was on the ground. She held you so close and let her whole arm take the fight with the cement. I’m sorry to say that she ended up with road rash on her arm, but she didn’t seem to mind one bit.

A neighbor couple came out and checked on us. We sat in their backyard and then they gave us a ride home in their car. I rode in the back on these blankets that smelled of another dog. At first I didn’t want to get into the car, but eventually I jumped up and sat down waiting for mama to sit inside too. The neighbor drove us all home and we had a mini-reunion with dada after he was home from his run with big brother. It’s funny how such a small act of kindness truly made mama feel so much better after she fell.

It was quite scary for us, but the silver lining was that there are really kind people in the world who look out for one another. That accident turned out to be such a blessing in disguise that proved to mama to keep faith in humanity. I could smell their kindness as they came over to us and so I hopped around and waited like the loving Kimmy dog that I am. So, I guess the moral of the story tiny brother is this: if you are scared, look for the helpers and they surely will be there. I think a man named Mr. Rogers said that at some point in my young life. Mama says it all the time, so I thought it would apply well to this letter. I love you!



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Tired Monday vibes.

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