Two Hundred and Sixty Three Paws

Dear Bros, 

Hi. It’s me, Kimmy dog. I’m sitting here on the floor waiting. You, Irving, the small one are at it again: sleeping, that is. Normally I would join you, but right now I am anxiously awaiting my turn to take a walk. We went out in the back yard and had some fun times with the cars, the water, and all the things out back, but then dada and Leo disappeared. You always leave me behind when it comes to the bike business. I’m not so sure about wheeled objects. You see, I’ve been the innocent victim of wheeling adventures that I was unaware would transpire. I all too often become the target of these wheeling escapades, no names, but I’ll assign your initials lil’ brother, LDB. Who knows why they happen? I mean, sometimes there is a thought process accompanied by the adventure and other times it’s a moment in time where you just run on pure adrenaline and humor. I try to go with the flying efforts of energy, but it’s not always a positive outcome when it comes to wheels, me, and the house.

I will generally flee to the stairs, the gated space, and then watch you from the comfort and safety of the landing between the sets of stairs. Thank doggy goodness for those indeed! Mama and dada always take my cues quite well when I want to escape to the upstairs realm. I wait by the stairs and they open the gate in one swift movement and then I hop up the stairs to safety.

“Ba-dump-da-doo!” Just like that, and then you can’t reach me for a bit until we have all settled down and relaxed into our spaces in the house. Speaking of relaxing, I am doing just that right now on my soft bed. I have given up on the promise of a walk right now…I gotta go drift off to dream land while I can. 



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Sweet best friends.

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