Two Hundred and Sixty Two Paws

Dear Tiny ones,

If I had the choice to choose my humans, it’d be you guys. Sometimes when I dream, I see my puppy sisters and I wonder where they are at. I try to send them dream messages every now and then to let them know that I am doing well and that I’m very loved. It’s hard to wonder where your family is, but it’s also not, at the same time. I often feel like I am a dog with a mission or purpose. I’m here with you both to protect, befriend, and love you. Mama and dada know that all too well.

Occasionally they talk about their former four legged child, her name was Cassie. She was a border collie blue heeler mix breed doggy. She was incredibly intelligent and savvy. She would get herself into trouble by making mischief in the house when the humans were gone. I know some of these stories because mama told me them when I was a small pup.

One story that remains with me was all about: bagels. You see, mama had gone to the store called, Costco, picked up some bagels, put all the groceries in the house and left in a hurry to run another errand. Now, Cassie dog was quite fond of bagels and so she decided to taste these ones. Mama had what she calls a, “light bulb moment,” and realized her foiled plan. She raced back home and entered the house with a full view of Cassie’s shenanigans. She was on the floor with one empty bagel bag ream and mid-chewing bit of another bagel from the second bag. Bella, our cat sister, was staring at Cassie watching her devour the leavened bread. Bella skedaddled super quick when she saw mama come inside and Cassie quickly finished chewing the sixth of twelve bagels before mama ran over and took them off the floor. Needless to say, Cassie didn’t eat dinner that night, or much breakfast the next day.

The reason this story stuck with me was the fact of the matter, bread is tasty. However, I’m not allowed to eat the breads. However, I do get a good whiff every now and then, and I wish that I could have some bagels too. 



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Best buddies on the floor.

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