Two Hundred and Fifty Five Paws

Dear Brothers,

There’s something amiss in the air. The atmosphere seems cloudy and tinged with the smells of the beach after humans put out the fires. It’s as if we’re in a small space with the smokes. I don’t like the smell very much. It fills up my nostrils when I’m trying to get the scent trails and then it takes off again when I breathe out. We went on a little walk this morning, you and I. I loved being out and about in our neighborhood with you and daddy. Tiny one, Irving was still in a snooze fest from his night time sleeps. I joined him after I got home with you Leo. It’s really tiring to traverse the warm pavement and guide daddy into the right direction. You never know what squirrels might run across our pathway, I must be on the look out at all times!

Later on you, Mama, and Irving did the mat play, squishy kinetic sand and play dough business together. I’m not quite sure what’s so special about that play time. I would honestly prefer a dog toy or bone, but y’all didn’t invite me either. I don’t have anything much to say except those play things smell weird and Irving drooled a lot while he watched you. I leapt up into my chair and hung out for a while getting some sleep in-between making sure you were all doing okay. Speaking of sleeps, I gotta go get my first afternoon nap on now. I love you. 



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Dog and baby two.

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