Two Hundred and Fifty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hi there small humans!  Things have been weird in the world, and now they’ve gotten weirder. The weather outside is glum, I can smell the acrid scent of fire and smoke. The sky looks all brown like the old photos mama and dada have. I don’t understand exactly what’s happening, but I can tell you that something is happening in the woods. 

Our world is showing the results of too much usage.  Even the usual suspects of squirrels and birds seem to be tucked away in their nests. They have only frolicked a bit in the morning here and there while I watched out of the window. I don’t blame them though. We haven’t been out and about much either. It’s not good for our breathing, so says the momma and dada. I can still snuffle and snort around outside for a little bit and then I rush back inside because when one of the grown up’s says, “Kimmy come back inside right now pup!” I get it, they’re just making sure that I’m doing ok, which makes sense, but really and truly, I am missing my walks and my play time immensely. I know you do too LDB, and little one as well. Irving, you can’t gaze up at the trees because of the smokes in the air. I hope that this passes soon and that the trees and forests receive the much needed rain soon. 


© 2019-2020 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Hey, yes, I am sitting and watching all of you be strange humans.

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Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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