Two Hundred and Forty Seven Paws

Dear Irving,

Hello small one. I would like to discuss the matter of the spit up. Now, the other evening I was laying on the floor, minding my own business and relaxing post milking. Mama was wandering around with you on her shoulder doing the pat, shoosh, rock business and all of a sudden a massive stream of milks ventured from your mouth. They landed extremely close to my paw. That’s not ok lil’ dude. Thus, the letter and chat that we’re having right now.

Let’s get something straight, there is no puking on the Kimmy dog. I’m the puker, not the babies. Ok, now that I have made that clear I will say that admittedly I cleaned up your mess, or I almost did but mama shooed me away. However rude it might seem, she did have a valid point although I don’t like to admit it. We cleaned the carpet up, you fell asleep, and then so did I until the last feeding that is. I have now taken to laying down on my chair with my fuzzy green blanket before settling in for my long night time sleep.

Sometimes I can hear you talking upstairs before and after your last milking, but I know that the mama has it covered so I don’t worry too much. Every now and then I will come upstairs to check on you, but I perform a lot of heavy sighs, breathing, snoring, and howl/barking in my sleep so I’m told to snooze downstairs for the time being. No one wants to wake you up when you’re sleeping little one.  Speaking of sleep, I’m doing just that. It’s called a mid-day wink session. 



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