Two Hundred and Forty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Guess what? We went on a super long car ride today, and we were all together in the covered wagon car, aka Auntie Alisinni’s car. I rode in-between both of you to make sure we were all safe and sound. Irving seemed to like my panting rhythm and fell asleep quite nicely to the sound. Later on during our drive we sang some song called, “Happy.” Mama turned the pages of the book that goes with the song and Irving and I listened along the way.

I rested my chin on your car seat Irving, and had a quick lay down rest. Once we got to the ocean though, I could smell the salt in the air. One of my favorite things about the beach is that it is one humongous sand box. I can run free and chase all of the things. If I can recall correctly, Leo buried me in the sand during one trip in the past. However funny that may seem, I’m not about to pursue that venture again. The sand can stay in the giant litter box. I don’t need to trek any of it home with me. That’s a cat’s job and I for one, am not a cat, I am a dog. On that note, I must venture and do all the dog things that include lounging about in the sunny spots and napping.



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Let us glare and wait until we get our way together!

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