Two Hundred and Twenty Five Paws

Dear Kimmy,

Hi! It’s me, your buddy LDB. We’ve had a lot of nice, sunny, hot weather days this week. I love to watch you when we are outside. I observe how you run, shake your head, and sniff things in our garden. I used to emulate your behavior, but not so much anymore. Sometimes I act like a puppy dog when I am playing, but I don’t try to sniff things like I used to do. I know that you’re a doggy and I am a human, I have that much distinguished about our differences. I mostly like to try and guide you to do things, like, take for instance toys. I like to give you your ball, ring, sticks, grass, and other odds and ends.

Another favorite of mine is to feed you water from my raft pool. I take one of my various recycled pots and give you water after I do some scooping. Yesterday you wanted to go inside when we were in the middle of a, “Give Kimmy water,” session. I had a lot of feelings about that and I didn’t want you do leave our play time. It didn’t all end up working out as I had hoped it would, but that’s ok, as mama and dada say. Sometimes things in life don’t always end up the way you want them to. So, I just get my cries out, do some hiccup breaths, and then I move onto another activity. Usually that’s the pathway I take when life gives me the lemons. You’re definitely some lemonade though, Kimmy dog. I love you!



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