Two Hundred and Twenty Four Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi there buddy! While momma and I write to you, you are in a deep slumber. I wonder what you’re dreaming about lil dude? Sometimes you’re in my dreams. I often wake up thinking about you and your little brother. We meet in the field by our house, in my dreams, and we run, run, run and chase after your rainbow soccer ball.

Speaking of that particular ball… we have been having a ton of fun in the afternoons during our cool off in the pool time. We started off last week with a round pizza pool, but it seems to have gotten a hole in it already. So now we are splashing around in dada’s raft. It makes for a really fun pool and it is more cushioned for you on the bottom of it… I wouldn’t know, I don’t go in the pool, but I heard dada explain it all to you and mama.

You have this super fun game that you like to play with me during your pool time. It’s called, “Scoop the water, give it to Kimmy!” Most of the time I enjoy this game because, let’s face it, it’s hot out, I need to drink water. There are other items when I’m not particularly interested in drinking the water, that’s especially true when it is ninety plus degrees outside! Yesterday you had a lot of feelings about me wanting to cool off inside and not be out in the heat. I will usually go back to you so that you don’t get upset, but I wasn’t interested in anything but laying down in the house. There’s something about our house that is more comfortable in the heat of the day. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love it when the sun is shining and the air is crisp with a breeze fluffing my ears back and forth. There’s always a perfect condition that I long for, but that’s all creatures, right? More so with humans, but us dogs have those feelings too, every now and then. 

Love you buddy,


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Ears pointed kind of nap today!

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