Two Hundred and Eleven Paws

Dear Leo, 

Why don’t you wanna share the peanut butter spoon anymore? Each morning the mama makes the smoothie and you help with the scoops and the pours and the smells. I thought we had a deal made? You get one spoon, I get the other spoon, and then when you’re done with your spoonful, I get to help clean it off thoroughly for you. After that you toss it into the sink and it makes a big big clattering sound! At least, this was our routine for quite some time, and then for some reason you decided that you weren’t interested in the sharing portion of things anymore. Maybe this comes with human puppy dog age of two years and two months old?

Either way, here’s my advice to you lil’ dude: You catch more flies with honey. Meaning, the nicer you are, the more you’ll receive in life. So, what that means to me in this particular instance is this: share the peanut butter spoon with me kid, ok? I’d appreciate it, and then I’ll throw you a bone of chase every now and then. 



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Wind in my face, sand on my paws, lovin’ the moment in life.

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