Two Hundred and Ten Paws

Dear Leo,

It’s one of those mornings and days where the sun is super shiny in the sky, the breeze is blowing, and there’s a lot of good smells in the air. I had a grand time on our walk this morning. I was wagging my tail and enjoying our time as a family. I did pull dada slightly throughout the neighborhood, but that was only because I felt like I needed to lead the way especially with another puppy in momma’s belly and my keen leadership skills.

Sometimes it’s hard to be the leader of the pack, but I mostly rise to the occasion. There was a giant truck that visited our street during our morning play time. You ran out to the front yard with the momma and dada to supervise their trailer drop off. I was hanging out inside because it was a little bit warm for me and you were intent on chasing me with the red recycle bin, which I wasn’t having any of this morning. In your defense we did have a super fun time with the ball throwing and the broken ring toss game you made up. I chased them for you and romped around quite a bit, but then it was time for a doggy rest. I gotta get those rests in whenever I can, I conserve my energies especially on the hot doggy days. 

I love you buddy!



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