Two Hundred Paws

Dear Leo,

Hi lil’ dude. I don’t have too much to report to you today. We had a nice walk, you went on a run with daddy and I helped mama do her downward dog yoga. I supervised from the bed, that is. She stopped and gave me hugs and kisses, I liked that. I was honestly watching out the window at the squirrels scavenging the cherry tree outside our fence.

Those squirrels lil’ dude, they drive me nuts! Haha, get it, and they eat nuts?! Haha! Get it, they eat nuts… I rest my case. Alright, moving forward, after our nap we went on an adventure as a family. For the last couple of months every time we leave the house, “for an adventure,” I accompany you in the back seat.

Mama and dada do my voices and share what I might be thinking and you will laugh and laugh and laugh because you think it is so funny to watch me and hear what they say. Sometimes I get worried, ok? And so that means that I will make funny sound, whine, stand up, and perk my ears in funny ways when one of parents leave the car. I like my pack to be together! Mama had you, “in stitches,” as they say, for a good three minutes, and then dada returned to the car and I settled back into the seat and stared at you for the remainder of the drive. I’m glad I could be of some form of entertainment to you. CLEARLY I am hilarious. I’ll take it. I am funny, what can I say?! I love you baby boy. 



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