One Hundred and Ninety Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

It must be spring time because I don’t know what is happening with this weather system that is going on right now. We had the NICEST sunniest weather and I was living my best life out in it each day with you. Today it has rained and rained and rained. I hid under the table this morning when it was time for me to go outside and do my business. I wasn’t feeling it, the rain on my paws, that is. I just don’t appreciate the feeling of being wet and then having to face the indignity of being dried off, again. Once was enough in the early morning. But alas, I did and I lived through it.

The best part of the morning was when we all ventured out between showers and took in the fresh air with our morning walk. We saw construction, squirrels, a digger, cats in windows, cars driving by, rain falling from tree branches, and wet leaves. You seemed to enjoy yourself too. You had a, “snack cup, and water,” with you which was apparently quite entertaining for more than half of the walk. I like snacks too lil’ dude. I think you forgot that fact though because you neglected to share any of the snacks with me. Hmmm, maybe next time I could stick my nose into the stroller and you might pass me a snack more promptly? I’ll consider it. I love you buddy, dream on!



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Quick sneeze time!

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