One Hundred and Ninety One Paws

Dear Leo,

Today we made a special discovery in the back yard. Well, mama made the discovery. She found: the glow in the dark ball! Now, this ball has a special story that goes along with it, you see. This ball appeared in our yard one day. We washed it off with the hose and it’s been my bouncy ball ever since then. I love it! It can bounce really high up into the air, which is amazing, but that is also part of the problem, in regards to why it got lost in the first place. You have decided that you are the, “keeper of the balls,” and outdoor toys. I let you think you’re in charge. Us dogs know how to play along with humans, so that as our companions, you feel more in control of life.

Here’s the deal though little dude: When you’re not looking, I snatch the ball, run around wagging my tail happily, and settle in for some much needed chewing and basking in the sunshine. It’s an essential part of my life, chewing and playing is as much a part of essential life as eating and other business. Well, that’s all I have for now, I hope that you’re napping well. I love you buddy. 



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