One Hundred and Eighty Two Paws

Dear Leo,

This morning is another glorious day because, THE SUN IS OUT! I was so excited to get outside and play, walk, and do whatever we decide to do. I could hardly wait for our six feet of distance walk with the grandma and the grandpa. We haven’t seen them in over a month and a half, forty five days is what grandma said. That’s a long time for us!

We usually see them at least every ten days or so. I missed them so much that I was hopping around like a bunny when they pulled up into the driveway. Grandma walked me because I’m her grand puppy, you know. She knew that I needed some extra loves from her. Right now I’m watching your every move outside from the window because you’re super busy moving things around in the front yard, watching cars and trucks go by, and sorting the gnomes into their daytime spots. You do this most days.

On an unrelated note, I ate some grass yesterday afternoon and got sick in the middle of the night so mama said I should probably stay inside and not eat more grass and get sick again. Sigh. I’m not so sure why I choose to do this. It’s probably because it feels like something I should do, deep down in my doggy instincts, but then afterwards the big humans are always saying, “No Kimmy, no grass.” I do my best to follow the rules, but sometimes I forget what I’m supposed to do and not do, especially if things smell delicious. It’s a challenging dog walk to balance. I love you lil’ dude. 



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Oh hey there, it’s Friday. Paws out!

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