One Hundred and Nine Paws

Dear baby, 

Did you know that mama says, “Make a wish,” whenever the time thing hits the same numbers? So, when it comes to my wish, I go for more sunshine and I think you probably wish for more bananas. Although, even if we can wish for what we want I really am a happy dog with what we have. I have you, and dada, and mama, and I love where we have our beds, and that I get fed, so really, that’s all a doggy could ask for. 

Today you and mama gave me an “impromptu,” bath. I was not pleased about the prospect of getting all wet, but I knew that it was probably inevitable because it was so muddy outside and we had a great time romping around in the mud. You played, ran, fell, ran, fell again, and I just kept on circling and running around. It was a fun time, and then we got all wiped off, went upstairs, and I had a bath thing and you helped by watching, laughing, and playing with some strange bath toy. At first it was just my paws that were wet, then my legs, tummy, tail, back, neck and chest. Mama is really careful not to get my ears wet because they are part hound doggy ears and we don’t like getting wet ears. Then I shake-shake them really hard and that can hurt them. So, I get off scot free with no doggy ear washes! Haha! Bonus for Kimmy. High-paws baby! I love you, dream on!



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