Eighty Nine Paws

Dear Leo,

Today it rained, all morning long. It rain, rain, rained on us while we played, walked, and then watched the squirrels from inside the house. I got so wet from our walk that mama needed to towel dry me off in the garage which made me feel really silly and wiggly. You found that hilarious too. Mama had to change her fur because she got so wet too! But not you baby. You didn’t get wet at all! You have this rain jacket thing that goes over your stroller that repels the rain. Like the word, repel? It’s fancy isn’t it?! You held onto your bunny rabbit stuffed animals on the walk and talked to us about all kinds of things. From about half way through the walk onward I was busy shaking off the rain from my face and ears. I don’t like when the rain runs into my eyes, or down my ears because then I feel bogged down, like a wet dog!

The sunshine has now broken through the clouds and I see fast moving big puffy clouds in the sky. I decided to go back to sleep after mama got finished moving things around. It’s important that I get many naps in so that I can keep up with you in the afternoon and evening time. We have a lot of play time ahead of us baby. Nigh, nigh, as you say. 

Xo, Kimmy

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“Snuggle time Kimmy!”

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