Eleven Paws

Dear Leo,

Today you learned something called, “High five and fist bump!” You fist bumped or should I say, boop-ed me in the bum region. I did not appreciate that kind of boop-ing so I took matters into my own paws. I gave you a high paw!

Now, let me just explain, a high paw means that you actually take your paw and hit the human paw with your paw. I tried to explain this to you, but it seemed quite hard for you to understand for some reason. It ended up more of a tangle of baby legs and dog paws and I boop-ed you with my nose and that had us all laughing at the end of the situation. So in the future let’s just agree to give high five and fist bumps or high paws in the front region and not the back region, because the back is for sniffing and the front is for greeting. Ok, thanks lil dude!



Baby toes and me, aka Kimmy the dog.

© 2019 Rachel Becker. All Rights Reserved.

Published by pawsitivelykimmy

Kimmy's mama and scribe.

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