Seven Paws

Dear Kimmy,

It’s Leo. Mommy is typing for me. I wanted to tell you about meeting Rogue tonight. We went to my cousin’s house and played. Their dog is Rogue and he is funny. He liked to walk by me and lick my ears and face. It made me think of you! I said, “Whooo-oooo-woooo,” like I do for a doggy and I missed you. You’re my best friend. I hope you’re having fun with Cousin Daisy. I’ll see you soon. 



PS: “Ooooo oooo oooo!” aka “DOGGY!”

Dear Leo,

Today was a happy day. You came to pick me up at our family’s house! I was so excited to see you. I ran and ran around the yard. I missed you!  You threw the softballs and doggie balls for me. I let you pick them up and throw them again for me. I loved it so much! Then we drove home and you laughed and laughed I guess because I was panting. It was hot though! Being a dog in the summer is a hot business!  I helped you bathe and now you’re sleeping, so I am sleeping, but mom is writing down what I dictated to her. Anyways, have a good sleep start, see you in our dreams!

Love, Your Kimmy-Kim

We nap big.

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