Four Hundred and Fifty Two Paws

(Flashback memory post.)

Dear Kimmy,

Hi there big sister! Thanks for helping me crawl up the stairs. I have been practicing multiple times every day. I love seeing your furry face waiting for me on the landing and upstairs. You give me such big motivation to crawl, crawl, crawl. Mama and daddy said that I can now alternate my legs when I’m going up the stairs. What does that mean big sis? Is it something to do with the fact that I will use one leg and then the other to get up the stairs? I’m so good at that. Sometimes I get super excited and I almost plop over because I want to clap for myself when brother says, “Yayyyyy Baby-I you’re doing it!” Most of the time I just laugh and get super excited when I reach the top of the stairs. I love to race crawl, or bum hop over to you Kimmy. You let me give you big tight snuggle hugs. I love that.



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Profile view of the sweet Kimmy.

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